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Thursday, June 7, 2012

[sweet or savory?] a summer dinner

I snapped some pictures of recipes from magazines a few months ago whilst waiting at an appointment and was very excited to finally have time to cook one of them!

This recipe looked perfect for a spring or summer weeknight dinner, one dish with meat, veg and pasta and pretty easy to make. You can find the original recipe for Roasted Vegetable and Mini Meatball Pappardelle here but I made some changes to use up things in the pantry and add more vegetables. I used sweet potato instead of red potatoes and added in two zucchini. I'd run out of bread crumbs so I used matzah meal in the meatballs instead and we had sweet white wine open rather than dry and that tasted pretty good! For a bit of crunch, I garnished with a sprinkling of Panko at the end. The flavors of parsley, lemon and white wine with papardelle are similar to this recipe.

We ended the meal with some watermelon for dessert accompanied by the white wine.

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