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Monday, June 18, 2012

beach patrol 2005

I've spent the last week cleaning out my office and improving the furniture situation and during that time I came across old work and other things that were nice to see, reminders of the past. The office is looking much, much better but will take another week or two until everything is in order, still waiting on some furniture. In the meantime, after my morning of tidying, I decided to look at some of the first lot of pictures I took in December 2005 when I first started blogging. I spent a lot of time at Elwood, Brighton and St Kilda beaches in the summer, going for walks or having a relaxing coffee with friends and often snapped photographs. These images were from the marina, I liked the character of the boats, the weather and sea-worn wood and the nautical colours.

(Some of you might remember this from my old blog! That blog has since been retired.)

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