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Monday, April 2, 2012

oh, hey, sunday

Yesterday we went with Plan B outing with friends. It wasn't Disneyland (Plan A) but it sure was a nice day!

We leisurely made our way up to Ojai after a tasty pizza lunch. I'd never been to Ojai so enjoyed seeing the area, the green hills, little houses along the main road, nice town area, old-style street signs and all the little boutiques and galleries and shops. We spent a good amount of time in Bart's Books, an outdoor  book store with heaps of used and some new books, meandering in and out of the indoor and outdoor areas, browsing the thousands of books. We all managed to find something there, a very eclectic collection.

After a few hours in the town we stopped in Oxnard for a tasty dinner (I'm still full) and a little wine tasting.

Fun, relaxing day! (Very necessary, it will get me through this busy week.)

L: Great street sign, if a little hard to read from the car.
R: Bougainvillaea outside the tourist info and town museum

L: Bookshelves all around the outside fence of the store!
R: Heaps more inside, most are 'outdoors', covered by simple corrugated roof.

L: Vintage Yashica camera at Bart's Books.
R: View through the 'viewfinder' of the camera.

L: Wall inside Bart's Books papered with illustrations from books.
R: Handwritten signage over each section and more books!

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