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Thursday, March 1, 2012

mix 'n match

I always function a little better when it's warm and the recent warm weather made me very happy! But now it's cool again and I'm wishing for sunshine.

This rare fashion post is inspired by the coloful design, photography, styling, accessories etc that I've been seeing on design blogs (and Pinterest). Plus the clothing and accessories in stores is all colorful, ready for spring and summer and crying out to be taken home. Which means I couldn't resist picking up a few (cheap) items to add a bit of a pop of color to my wardrobe.

TOP: A gray and white striped maxi-dress pairs nicely with a peach 3/4 sleeve cardigan. (Plus they'll mix and match well with other things!)
MIDDLE: Bright pink/red pencil skirt goes well with a black and gray striped wing-sleeved. (Perhaps a bright blue or yellow necklace, some shiny earrings and strappy sandals for a fun outfit for an afternoon with friends.)
BOTTOM: Electric blue knee-length skirt with floral tank top. (Very bright! I might add in a white or light gray cardigan to tone it down, depending on where I need to go!)

(Items from Nordstrom, Target & Old Navy.)


  1. Lucky you, we're in the rain. My feet are cold, but we need the rain, so don't listen to my rant.

  2. always in for a little mix n match.


  3. Love your picks, specially the blue skirt and floral top!!!


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