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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

central coast stay

Our drive up the Coast ended at our hotel, which my husband left as a surprise to me. We stayed at the charming, colorful Madonna Inn. It's over the top, unique style really really added a feeling of fun and escape to our short vacation. Each room has a different theme and decor. Ours was called "The Matterhorn" and it was decorated in the style of a Swiss country chalet, with that sort of scene depicted in the stained glass window to one side as well as grandly decorated bathroom with a chandelier and rock-wall shower plus quirky furniture and accessories. One of the more sedate rooms! (You can see all the rooms here.) The whole hotel is very decorated, with amazing attention to detail everywhere, from the layout of the buildings and rooms on the property to the wood carvings and bright, detailed damask wallpaper in the bar! It's not necessarily my favorite style but I definitely appreciated and enjoyed it here.

The view from our balcony was lovely, horses in the fields, rolling hills. We were lucky to have gorgeous weather, cool at night but warm enough during the day to make the most of the pool area. (To be continued...)

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