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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Or is it? Having not lived in America that long, this Aussie still thinks of January as sun, surf and sand time! Hot days, warm nights and some serious relaxing over the summer vacation. But that's southern hemisphere and I'm now in the north. Which means winter. Except winter in Southern California is pretty nice! The weather last week was gorgeous and warm. Not wintery at all! So I made the most of it and went to the beach for a long stroll. (Relatives and friends in colder climates are welcome to visit us!)

These are some pictures I took using instagram.


  1. I guess it'll take a few years to get to know CA.

  2. yep, it takes time to adjust to anywhere and i decided that it'll probably take another couple of years before i'm used to this new-ish-for-me place completely.

  3. Lucky! It's cold & rainy here in Oregon. I could use a little sunshine.


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