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Thursday, December 22, 2011

old time elegance

I recently went to a very fun party for a relative's birthday. They held the reception at a beautiful old hall (which I think is being torn down) and did a great job on the decor. Candles, lots of mirrors, heavy velvet curtains, warm dark brown colours, brocade. A few of the pictures I took had an elegant atmosphere and are evocative of old black and white films, of a glamorous time in the past, say 1920's but with a modern twist. Glad I was able to be there!


  1. My sister is a professional photographer and prefers black and white.

  2. i like it too but i preferred it more when i was able to develop my own negatives and prints. there's good scope with digital but i do miss the hands-on aspect

  3. Oh wow. Love that last photo with the candles. They definitely look great in black & white.



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