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Thursday, November 24, 2011

just capitol

I'm a proud Aussie. True blue. Who never thought she'd end up living in America! But life led me here and so, while I do miss my home country and tackle the challenge of navigating the quirks of the USA, I am thankful for where I am now. This country, while it has it's issues, has a lot to offer and I've truly enjoyed all the things I've seen and done so far since I've moved here and look forward to exploring more of the country in the future.

So on this American holiday of Thanksgiving I share with you some snapshots from this nation's Capitol building from our trip to Washington DC a few months back. Need a bit of a crash course in American history? Visit the Capitol! I learnt about the founding of the government, about presidents and the very impressive building/s. All good stuff to know about my current country of residence!

As for the holiday today - I'm going to my second authentic Thanksgiving meal. The first one was a number of years ago when I was visiting, they had deep fried turkey and dishes that were new food experiences for me! Now I'm more familiar with this cuisine and looking forward to the stuffing and hopefully cranberry-something. Pumpkin pie is something to get used to though. I'm making the green beans!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

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  1. Gorgeous collage! We had turkey on Shabbat here in Israel :)


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