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Saturday, October 15, 2011

[sweet or savory] purple produce

Went off to the Beverly Hills Farmers Market again on Sunday, on a whim. I had a large list of groceries which I planned to buy later in the week but the weather was fine and the produce is always better from the market! I did have to refrain from buying the great looking pumpkins and squash (for soup in a few weeks) and the ginormous cauliflowers and stick to what I needed for this weeks menu. (Many guests to feed!)

The usual staples ended up in my shopping bag (red peppers/capsicums and some zucchini) and a bunch of colorful zinnias. Plus a cup of fresh orange juice, refreshing. But what caught my eye were purple sweet peppers. Never seen them before so I picked up a few. There were also pale green/white colored ones but I decided to give those a miss. These peppers will be cooked with the red ones and served with roasted zucchini, mushroom and red onion as a tasty, healthy side dish. (Recipe below!)

Quick recipe: wash and chop up peppers (any combo of red, purple, orange and yellow) into large slices, seeds removed. On a baking sheet or roasting pan toss peppers in a bit of olive oil (I use spray, easy), sprinkle with a little salt and pepperGarlic and rosemary optional. Bake at 350ºF/180ºC until peppers are soft and there is a little bit of char. Same deal with the zucchinisred onion and mushrooms. Serve mixed on a large platter, separately (line up like a rainbow on a square plate, pretty!) or chop up, add pan juices and toss with pasta. Yummy!


  1. The photos are amazing and the recipe sounds fab! Will try it this week. I'm having a ton of company for Simchat Torah night.

  2. I'm jealous! I've never seen purple peppers!

  3. they look pretty. tasted a bit like green ones, not as sweet as the red.


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