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Thursday, October 6, 2011

[guest] silhouette

This is only partially a guest posting! Here's why: a few weeks ago, the weather was perfect for a picnic dinner at the beach. I packed up something tasty and my husband and I went to Venice to relax after a busy workday. As usual I snapped some pictures but the sunset was so lovely that my husband borrowed the camera to take some pictures of his own. His guest picture in this post is the lower one with the dad, two kids and the bike. We thought it was such a nice picture that my husband went over to show them the picture, a little random!

The colours of the sunset were spectacular, people watched until the sun dipped below the horizon, enjoying the slow changing of the hues of the sky and sea, making the most of the end of summer.

"There really is no way for me to quantify the impact Steve Jobs has had—and will continue to have—on my life and on my career." 

It was a sad moment to hear of his passing but his legacy will live on and many peoples lives would not have been the same without his vision. There were so many wonderful tributes, quotes and links in my twitter feed (and online everywhere) yesterday. Since 1985, when my dad bought his very first Apple computer, products by his company have been present in my life. 

I think it's appropriate timing to finally get an iPhone. As a tribute of course...


  1. These photos are amazing!
    And yes, you should get an iPhone :)

  2. thanks sara :)

    my contract on my current phone is up in three months so i'm going to wait so an iPhone doesn't end up costing us extra. i've waited this long!


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