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Monday, October 24, 2011

above eye level

It always pays to look up. This is something I learnt back in art school when we were sent to explore the city and take pictures that we would have to use as a basis for a project. Often buildings have interesting architectural details above eye level, on the exterior, which can go unnoticed as people go about their daily business. I did get a bit of a crick in my neck looking up and taking pictures that way but it definitely made my designs more interesting!

I've already posted some pictures from our Seattle trip (here, here and here) but some of my favourite are of the super colourful ceiling filled with Chihuly glass creations, on the Bridge of Glass. The riot of colour is wonderful to look at, lit by the sun and reflecting passers by - see my husband and friends patiently waiting for me to snap photographs!

This ceiling has so much detail, I could have stared at it for ages! The shapes are somewhat different to the ceiling at the Bellagio or the Persian ceiling, this one truly showing the diversity of glass art.


  1. absolutely gorgeous
    I like going different routes or the opposite direction in a circuit.

  2. It's one of the usually unnoticed attractions at the Bellagio. The ceiling has a very creative glass art installation.

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