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Thursday, September 8, 2011

see through abc

This past Labor Day weekend we headed off to visit Washington DC (for the first time) and take in as much of what is on offer there as we could in three days! There was so much to see and learn - architecture, politics, museums for for everything, art, history - we only scratched the surface of what is there!  (The heat and humidity made touring tiring.)

I got a crash course in American history during a visit to the Capitol Building and Library of Congress and we enjoyed a tour of the White House (part of it). The Conservatory had a beautiful collection of plants and flowers and we popped into a couple of other museums along the way. One of these museums was the Smithsonian Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. The images below show an interesting metal and wood sculpture (located on one side of the museum) with one side stamped out Cyrillic letters and the other our English Alphabet letters. I liked the combination of materials and the balance of construction. And it was kind of fun taking pictures of each other through the lettering.

(Apologies for neglecting to note down the artist name.)

The art inside was varied - modern, sculptures, paintings, installations - and there was one exhibit that was really trippy, I think it was this.

Looking forward to going back and exploring more sometime in the future!


  1. Love the Smithsonian- so many interesting things to see.

  2. soooo many things we barely scratched the surface! must go back :)

  3. My grandfather helped build the Hirshhorn :)

  4. Those photos are a very nice capture of some amazing architecture. Very cool!

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