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Thursday, September 22, 2011

green thumb (hopefully)

After months and months of hoping to do this, I finally went and got me some greenery for our balcony! A few herbs for a tiny kitchen garden and a baby Jade plant. The bigger, more established succulents that I liked were a little beyond my budget for this project so the very helpful saleslady (here) suggested a small one which I can nurture and watch grow. It's pretty cute! Barely ten centimetres tall.

I chose this plant because it's hardy, making it easy to care for and also because my mother always had a Jade plant in our garden. There is a belief that the Jade plant attracts wealth, so that the owner will always have enough money, or good luck in business or something along those lines and I think she liked this idea. (If anyone knows the origin of this, please share!) When we moved and had no space for our large Jade plant, a friend took it for their garden due to this belief. I'm not superstitious but I like the idea of continuing with the plant my mum had for many years, even if it's a new one in a different country!

On a completely separate note, I just made some delicious round Challah for the upcoming High Holidays.


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