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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dress in the bag

It's inevitable that on the day I tell myself that I will not go shopping (aside from necessary groceries and whatnot) I end up purchasing something, somewhat on impulse! Today was one of those days! I did become known as a bit of a shopaholic on my gap year away after high school. Generally not too expensive, I always managed to find stuff! There was one job I had a few years ago, where I would go out for a coffee or morning tea and return to the office with a dress or a top or a something that was quite a bit more than coffee!

Today's find is a graphic print dress, a simple, floaty shape, perfect for summer. Black pattern on cream. I quite liked the bright tissue paper that was used when wrapping up the dress to put in the bag! It's quite a contrast to the dress but I do like the pop of neon and will maybe accessorize with something bright!

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