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Thursday, July 28, 2011

barcode building

I've been a little busy lately, working on a design that kept me at the computer for a lot of hours so once I was done for the day, I took a break from the screen. Hence the lack of blog posts.

I was looking through some old files and found this picture of a building in Melbourne, Australia. It was one of a few photographs that I had taken for a project (circa 2002) that had to be based on architecture or structures. The photograph had to be turned into a digital drawing and then an intaglio style print. This photograph didn't make it but I liked the detail on the outside of the building. Always look up, you see great design sometimes! The file I had was a scan of a 4x6 print from film which gives it the graininess and nice muted color.

It'd be great to be back at art school and have projects that require going out and about with a camera but that's something to do for fun as well!

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